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EN+简体_UFO 真相 disclosure 120~1_太阳系内和地球上曾经真实发生过的毁灭性战争 True history: destroying wars on the earth and within the solar system. Information from Pleiadian Alaje 昴宿星人Alaje的讯息 17~1/3_视频 video + 视频文 video text

True history: destroying wars on the earth and within the solar system
Information from Pleiadian Alaje 昴宿星人Alaje的讯息 17~1/3

UFO 真相 disclosure 120~1_video + video text
因果法则及实录系列 The law of cause and result and record
战争和平与废核系列 War and peace and discard nuclear series

Love is the solution for everything

2011.11 Atlantis vortex, Bimini island, Bermuda triangle
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Greetings, this is ALAJE from the star-system of the Pleiades.

There is a spiritual transformation occurring on Earth, because higher energies of the Existence are channeled to the planet, to lift the planet into a higher level of evolution. Individuals, who are touched by these higher energies of love, want to assist the planet in this process.


Since twelve years, I travel with many of those loving people to power spokes on earth, to channel higher vibrations of LOVE and clean the Earth from negative energies. In November 2011, I traveled with ten loving people to the Island of Bimini in the Bermude Triangle. Bimini was a part of Atlantis, and close to it was the most powerful energy center of Atlantis. It was the vortex of Atlantis. Before I show you our journey there, let me tell you the history of Atlantis and the Civilizations before Atlantis, because the Earth Civilization of today, has a similar behavior.


In the past 10 million years on Earth, eight technically advanced civilizations have destroyed themselves at the end, because they abused technology and power, and did not lived spiritually. They were civilizations of humanoid and non-humanoid astronauts, who came from other parts of the universe. Their weapons were a thousand times more destructive than what the Earth people have today, because they abused cosmic energy. This is not fiction, this is the sad true history of Earth.


Their wars produced a strong radio activity, which have mutate creatures. That is how the dinosaurs came, who were later, killed by other astronauts, to rebuild a new civilization.


This civilization abused weapons too, and destroyed the planet who use to be between Mars and Jupiter. Today's asteroid belt there, is what is left from that destroyed planet.


Approximately one million years ago, other space travelers came and colonized the Earth. They build the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. The earth back then looked different than today. Lemuria was a continent in the Pacific Ocean. Atlantis was a content in the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis was more advanced than today's Earth-humans, and they were using giant crystals with strong cosmic energy. Their life spans could reach up to 1,000 years, they were able to communicate with higher dimensions and had the ability of time travel.


The continent of Atlantis had many islands around it and they had many Atlantean colonies in other parts of the Earth. Many different extraterrestrial races lived there hundreds of thousands years, spiritually and in harmony with the existence. Many different extraterrestrial races lived there hundreds of thousands years, spiritually and in harmony with the existence. Their knowledge of the cosmos was thus growing, and they learned to use cosmic energy in technology.


About 700,000 years ago, began the downfall of their society, because many developed ego and arrogance, believing that they are gods. Most lost their spiritually and abused cosmic energy to manipulate the thoughts of others, or to make genetic manipulations with humans and animals. This resulted in the stories about the ancient mermaids, minotaurs, cyclops or sea-monsters.


They were obsessed by power and technology, and they started wars against the Lemurians because they saw the planet as their own property. They abused their power weapons and crystals very strongly, and about 12,000 years ago, they destroyed the entire continent of Atlantis in Wars. The energy pulverised almost everything, so today there is not much left of Atlantis. Some spiritual Atlanteans were able to flee before the disaster with their space ships. This disaster caused a pole shift and the "great flood" as you call it today. 


Years later, Atlanteans and other extraterrestrials came back in other parts of the earth, where they pass their knowledge to others.


This is the reason, why after the disaster other cultures such as Egypt or Greece, had suddenly knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, medicine or architecture. They used their technology of levitation, to build pyramids on many places of this planet.


This abuse of power, energy and the weapons happened at the end of the Atlantean civilization, is happening today again, on a smaller scale. Even today there are people in power who want to control everything, with weapons, wars, religions, drugs, genetic and mental manipulation and greedy exploitation of earth's resources. The rulers on earth spend trillions of dollars on weapons and drugs, rather than helping the entire planet to become a place of harmony where nobody has to starve. 


This all happens because most earth humans have still not learned to live in harmony with light and love. Most earth-people laugh at light and love and worship ego, arrogance, greed and hatred. Such a course leads to self-destruction. This has happened many times in other civilizations.


Only when earth-humans learn to live with spiritual light and universal love, you can live a happy, light-filled life without suffering, as it is the case on other planets. For this reason, I am practicing my entire life light work, so the main energy on Earth in the future is LOVE, and not hate, destruction and suffering. I travel with other loving people to vortex energy sites, so that our light and our love becomes more powerful and thus has a greater healing effect on earth.



Really appreciate 非常感恩Pleiadian Alaje 昴宿星人Alaje


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